Professional Malpractice

The Professional Malpractice Representation You Deserve

We expect the professionals we hire to perform in our favor to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, however unintentional, people make mistakes. Suffering from the negligence of a professional you trusted to perform their duties may entitle you to pursue compensation.

At Charles Elliott & Associates, LLC, we offer professional malpractice representation throughout Alexandria and surrounding Louisiana communities if there is a need for you to sue over this type of malpractice. We are a hometown law office with compassion for assisting local clients. Charles Elliott & Associates will get to know more than just your claim, we will get to know you.

Helping You Set Things Right

Since 1993, founder Charlies Elliott has built relationships with clients as a Louisiana attorney and mediator. He understands the weight of injustice in malpractice cases and how professional negligence can affect the lives of those wronged. However, proving the negligence of a professional can be a difficult endeavor. We will carefully evaluate your claim to determine whether you have a case to pursue justice.

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Time is precious in cases like these. Different professions require different standards of care and your lawyer will want to review the facts thoroughly. If you believe you may have a professional malpractice claim, contact us as soon as possible. For a case consultation, call 318-266-7937 or email us today.