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Experienced Pursuit Of Justice For Legal Malpractice

When facing the aftermath of an injury or other legal matter, it’s important to find a skilled attorney you can trust to handle your case. Unfortunately, as with any profession, some attorneys turn out to be incompetent or dishonest.

If you believe your lawyer committed malpractice, you may not know your rights. And you are probably wary of trusting another law firm.

Charles Elliott & Associates is one of the few firms in Louisiana that takes on legal malpractice lawsuits. We help ordinary people sue their attorneys for negligence, fraud or breach of professional ethics. You deserve monetary compensation for the damage that was done.

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Recognizing Signs Of Legal Malpractice

Many attorneys use confusing jargon and legal terms to explain the details of a case, which can make it easy for them to hide their own mistakes and failures. A good attorney should help you understand your circumstances and explain in plain English how to proceed.

It’s not necessarily malpractice if your lawyer loses your case or fails to achieve your desired resolution. But there are red flags of misconduct and malpractice:

  • Your lawyer fails to meet court deadlines or file claims correctly.
  • Your lawyer is utterly unprepared for legal proceedings.
  • Your lawyer charges you extra fees without explaining how they will be used.
  • Your lawyer misuses your filing fees or retainer funds.
  • Your lawyer discloses confidential information incorrectly or to opposing counsel.

If your attorney dodges your questions or can’t give you an answer you fully understand, trust your instincts and seek guidance from a legal malpractice attorney. You deserve better than to work with a lawyer you can’t trust.

See our page on Legal Malpractice Frequently Asked Questions.

Compensation For Legal Malpractice

We must prove you would have won your underlying legal case if not for the lawyer’s negligence or misconduct. Charles Elliott is an accomplished trial lawyer with hundreds of settlements and verdicts in nearly 30 years of practice. He can gauge the strengths and weaknesses – and the monetary value – of your original legal matter. In a malpractice suit, his job is to show how a capable and ethical lawyer would have prevailed. Malpractice damages are a calculation of what your original case was worth. Typically, we are able to reach a settlement, but if necessary we are prepared to go to trial.

The most common legal malpractice scenario is a personal injury lawyer who lets the statute of limitations expire or otherwise ruins their clients’ case. But it could be any legal matter with a financial stake – a divorce, bankruptcy filing, real estate transaction or commercial litigation. Let us take a look.

Rebuilding Trust

At Charles Elliott & Associates, we believe that you deserve respect, loyalty, honesty and diligence from your legal counsel. This is especially important when you have been burned by a previous lawyer.

Charles Elliott will personally meet with you and handle the details of your legal malpractice suit. He will give you straight answers and educate you about the legal process so that you have clear expectations and no more unpleasant surprises.

Ready To Fight For You

If you are thinking of firing your current attorney, or if you want to pursue a legal malpractice claim against your attorney, contact our Alexandria law office today to arrange a free and confidential consultation. Call 318-266-7937 or contact us online.