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The responsibilities of pet owners in Louisiana

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Firm News, Personal Injury

For many people, dogs are part of their family. A recent trend sees canines serving an essential role in those struggling with anxiety and mental health issues. Dogs once banned from certain businesses are now a common site.

For those who have experienced the pain and suffering from a dog attack, the animal is something to fear, not embrace.

Louisiana’s dog bite statute clearly cites that the owner of a canine or any animal is liable for damages:

  • The individual injured did not provoke the canine
  • Owners knew that the dog’s behavior could result in an attack and subsequent damage
  • The owner taking “reasonable care” could have prevented the damage
  • The owner failed to take responsible care to avoid an attack and injuries that resulted

Physical and emotional injuries

Dog attacks can take various forms. Many cases do not involve an actual bite. Owners who lose control of their dogs can result in the dog running free, resulting in a victim falling due to contact with the animal.

Dogs are not the only four-legged animal that can attack, resulting in serious legal problems for their owners. Statutes also cover cats who attack with claws, resulting in severe scratches, horses that cause serious injuries, and other domesticated animals.

Attacks from dogs go beyond the physical damage that results from unexpected and violent assaults. Psychological damage can also be a significant component for the victim, specifically a long-term, if not permanent, fear of canines. In many cases, psychological care is vital to recovering from the emotional pain of an attack.