It seems like every day, drivers see the remnants of a crash. It can be two or three cars pulled over with drivers exchanging information or just debris left after the tow trucks take the cars away. Sometimes, you are at a standstill when an ambulance races by. Whether it is a fender-bender or a car wreck that involves serious injuries, Charles Elliott & Associates has extensive experience with personal injury legal matters.

Injuries mean lost wages and time away from work for victims. There are also the challenges that go with time in the hospital and a long recovery at home. Sometimes, medical advances are not enough, and there is permanent disfigurement or even death of a loved one from a truck crash or motorcycle accident.

Lawyers Can Help With Your Recovery

While the doctors can help you with your medical recovery, an attorney can help to ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries. We take the following steps as part of our motor vehicle accident services:

  • We gather all the facts and conduct our own line of inquiry to make sure law enforcement did not miss a crucial element of the crash.
  • We talk with witnesses and examine the accident scene.
  • We help you find proper medical care if your current treatment is insufficient.
  • We talk to the insurance companies so you can concentrate on your recovery.
  • We represent you in the Louisiana courts or negotiate with the at-fault parties, fighting for your rights to proper compensation.

Folks in Alexandria and the surrounding communities may not always feel that they deserve or even need compensation. Yet it is their right under the law. Contact us to hear how we can help you. Louisiana law has a one-year window for filing a claim, so do not delay.

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